Watch: App Art with Franky Aguilar

June 30, 2014

For their latest video, KQED Art School took a trip to Oakland artist Franky Aguilar's studio. Aguilar is the artist behind the wildly popular mobile art apps CatWang, Snoopify, Ima Unicorn, and GifYogurt, to name a few. Inspired by street culture, candy colors, and Internet iconography like cats and pizza, Aguilar works with artists to create a user experience that is equally fun and creative. For many of the apps, Aguilar or other artists create digital stickers that can be collaged onto existing photos, or used to make an original design, allowing users to remix art assets to create their own digital images that can easily be shared online. 

Learn more about Franky Aguilar and 99centbrains at 99centbrains.com.