Waleska Nomura "Heart In Love" Print Release

September 19, 2012

Japanese-Brazilian arist, Waleska Nomura, who now takes up residence in the UK, just released a print of her signature painting series, Heart In Love. The graffiti artist turned fine artist created a bit of an ambitious project for herself: 18 layer silkscreen print—8 colous each printed twice with opaque then transparent colour plus the background plus a varnish with each layer of artwork has been handpainted by the artist. Buy it here. (Thank you to Tristan Manco for the head's up).

There is a red edition, and a black edition.

Heart in Love Black

Original 18-colour hand-printed silkscreen on 300 gsm paper

Signed by the artist and numbered from the edition of 100

86.5 x 85cm