Illustrations by Vladimir Zimakov

August 27, 2014

"A conversation occures when one person tries to convey an idea, thought, or feeling to another person or group of people. A conversation can also  occur among animals, insects, fictional characters, objects, or a mixture of those. Much importance is usually put on the verbal part of this practice; this is the part that interests me the least. It is the physical and mental communication between all sorts of living and nonliving forms that I find inspiring.

I set up a stage and choose my subjects. The casting process takes the most time. I need to be assured that whomever or whatever I pair up with will find something interesting to convey to one another and not bore each other (or us) to death in the process. I pull them out from streets, closets, shelves, book pages, out of their warm and comfortable environments and let them comfort one another. I write up a basic acting script and let them do the rest. Most of them are unfamiliar with the Stanislavski method so there is always a risk of me falling flat on my face as a director, but I believe if there is enough energy it will work. After all, there is only one rule: No talking the the theater."

Vladimir Zimakov (Juxtapoz Magazine, 2007)