David Mascha’s practice relies upon experimentation, flexibility, and predominantly digital sorcery. Born and based in Vienna, Austria, he has regularly sought out the openness of international brands in order to fully expand his style. His “Mascha magic” is conceptual, detail-oriented, and complex—it slides instinctually from hand to screen, and he embraces spontaneous invention.

Landscape photography provides a degree of remove and clarity from his pixelated practice. Although Vienna is a small pool for such an ambitious artist, his digital affinities have propelled him toward the stratospheres of giants including Adobe as a part of their recent Creative Cloud campaign. He travelled to Berlin with the Complex News team to make his mark on the abandoned 100-year-old Bärenquell brewery that has become a destination for graffiti writers from around the globe.

Our friends at Complex spoke with Mascha to consider the nooks and crannies of his practice, his favorite spots to see art in Vienna, his most difficult projects. Get to know him and his process here.