Video: KQED Arts Presents "In the Gallery with Olek"

March 03, 2014

Olek, who was featured in our February 2014 issue, was back in San Francisco recently for her installation at White Walls Project Space. Watch this video by KQED Arts as they go behind the scenes with her as she installs the new piece and discusses her artistic path, process and intentions.

"Olek is an artist who works in the traditional medium of crochet and transforms the soft material into massive-scale art installations around the world. Blanketing rooms, cars, trains, public walls and sculptures with her exceptionally colorful crocheted work, Olek makes bold statements that often address important social issues such as equality and consumerism. She often reacts to current events as they happen, creating messages that ask us to consider our social climate and environment. Olek wants to inspire others to be creative, and she often creates public art to bring art and her vision to the masses. She views her crocheted, pieced-together artworks as a metaphor for the idea the everyone is interconnected.

In this episode of Art School, we go behind the scenes with Olek as she installs a new piece titled I haven't a Single Explorer on My Planet, and discusses her artistic path, process and intentions.

Olek lives and works in New York City and is originally from Poland. She exhibits her work internationally at art fairs, museums, galleries, and in public spaces."