Vanessa Prager "Dreamers" @ Richard Heller Gallery

Feb 21, 2015 - Mar 21, 2015Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica

This February, Richard Heller Gallery will be presenting Dreamers, the second solo exhibition at the gallery by Los Angeles based artist, Vanessa Prager. Moving in a bold, new direction with a series of large scale, multi-colored oil paintings, Vanessa Prager’s “imagined” portraits cross the border between the figurative and the abstract with diplomatic immunity. To quote the artist, “I made this series to tell stories and as with any story, you need to zoom-in to get the details and zoom-out to grasp the larger thematic concerns.” With layered brushstrokes Prager creates a sculptured-painting effect; the entire composition seems to melt, drip and fade out at first glance. But look long enough and you see a lone isolated face staring starkly out at you.

The artist sees the subjects of these portraits as being intimately involved in their own creation. They longingly wish to co-exist within the beautifully chaotic world they inhabit. They are not ashamed, but curious: about what will happen? Who will come? Will they be found, or found out? 

Vanessa Prager "Dreamers"
Richard Heller Gallery
Santa Monica, CA

The show will run from February 21st, 2015 to March 21st, 2015