Tulip Fields by Normann Szkop

February 02, 2013

Every year, hoards of tourists descend on the town of Anna Paulowna in North Holland to see the millions of brightly colored rows of tulip fields. French photographer, Normann Szkop, seized the opportunity to get an aerial view by catching a ride in a small plane and shot some photos that show a completely different perspective.


jux_Normann_Szkop1 afa jux_Normann_Szkop2 jux_Normann_Szkop3 jux_Normann_Szkop4 jux_Normann_Szkop5 jux_Normann_Szkop6 jux_Normann_Szkop7 jux_Normann_Szkop8 jux_Normann_Szkop9 jux_Normann_Szkop10 Via thisiscolossal