Travis Millard's Comic Pancakes

Sep 05, 2014Slow Culture, Los Angeles

Leave it to Juxtapoz friend and contributing illustrator Travis Millard to make drawings with pancake batter that are so good that they warrant a gallery show. Slow Culture in Los Angeles and Millard have preserved his weekly pancake masterpieces and mounted them on plates, and he'll be showing them, along with new drawings, in an exhibit called Kiss My Aura, which opens Friday, September 5, 2014.

The pancake drawings started as a battle of the batter on Instagram between Millard (@theotherfudge) and Vice co-founder Gavin McGinness (@thegavin2000), who also dabbles in pancake painting. Read more about their rivalry and Millard's pancake art techniques on Slow Culture's site. No matter the medium, edible or otherwise, Millard always maintains his lovable, detailed comic style.