Last year, I concocted an idea to do three art shows, in one week, in Japan. I love Japan, I love the people of Japan, I love sharing my art in Japan... and maybe I could squeeze in some vacation time with my family as well.

As the months turned into weeks, the reality of needing to paint over 60 paintings for two different bodies of work and two different shows sank in. In addition, I was working on 30 prints in two editions of 15 with individually hand painted backgrounds. The deadlines were coming quickly. May arrived much faster than anticipated. I painted a collection of portraits, friends, passers by and the famous for the first show See You, which starts in Tokyo at The Trunk Hotel and moves to Yokohama and the Green Room Festival from May 26—27. For the second show, I painted a collection of conversations, real and imagined for Pilgrim Surf+Supply in Tokyo.

The process of making so many pieces went fairly smoothly, but as always there were some bumps and failures along the way. Colors, people and places, all materialized over the months of working in the studio.

The week of May 22—27, 2018 has and will be packed with art, good friends, old and new, great coffee, new observations on long walks, and train rides. All of this gives me more content and material for new work.

Here’s a bit of my travel day(s) to Japan... —Russ Pope

Travel ready for Tokyo and Yokohama. . .  Long red eye ahead. . .


First stop, beer with Makoto, Jennifer and Lorna at Fuglen Coffee Roasters. Show talk for See You TRUNK(HOTEL)


Artist tent studio in Yoyogi Park on way to breakfast.



Set up with Makoto at gallery at TRUNK(HOTEL)




Russ Pope's show at Trunk (Hotel), See You, will be on view next at the Greenroom Festival in Yokohama on May 26th and 27th.