"Touching Base," New Paintings by Schuyler Beecroft

April 02, 2014

We are really into this new series of paintings, "Touching Base" by San Francisco-based artist Schuyler Beecroft. "Human life is the single most impacting life form on Earth," says Schuyler. "We create, we destroy, and we evolve, all while our population grows each day. My art is created in response to my surroundings and my culture, focusing on the human figure. Witch each creation of mine comes something new, whether it's a visual aspect or emotional approach. I respond to life, and life allows me to communicate and to document what I see, what I feel, and what I envision. Though I speak as if my work might be a realistic representation of life, realism is not in any way what one will see in my images. My imagery has become shape driven, and hard edged."

via fecal face