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Top 25 Banksy Pieces

November 29, 2012
Love him, hate him, Banksy will always draw some sort of polarizing opinion. Most people will recognize that the man has wit that reaches the ends of the earth, while others think he is an overrated phenomenon that does not deserve the hype. Where do we stand? Well, simple; what artist creates such a buzz, such a circus of excitement and debate every time they produce a new street piece or exhibition? Banksy creates EVENTS, something rare in the world of art, or for that matter, a rather rare ability to hold in the fast pace, don't bother me culture of 2012. What Banksy means to us is pure enjoyment of sticking your middle finger up at everybody at the same time while they try quickly enough to stick theirs up at you. Without further ado... here are 25 Banksy street pieces (and one very clever indoor piece) that just keeps us smiling years on...