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Pardee's Pick: Top 25 Painted Posters

September 05, 2012

Photoshop should be proud of itself. As a nerdy child growing up in the 80's, Photoshop was bullied by everyone from older traditional artists to graphic designers who loved painstakingly cutting out letters and transferring textures. And the bullying never stopped. Photoshop got called a "robot" and a "freak" and a "trend" when all Photoshop wanted to do was help make creative people's lives easier. Eventually, Photoshop got fed up, and since 1988, it's been running around screaming that "someday I will take over all of your lives." And guess what? It did.

Photoshop injected itself into Hollywood and within a few years, it bullied its way into every movie studio's design and marketing departments, leaving all of the old traditional, odd, creatively striking, beautiful, and dare I say more powerful, methods of marketing movies out to dry, while Photoshop stands proud, fists clenched, maniacally laughing and getting exponentially more powerful the more the world embraces him. Photoshop is not a bad guy, though. In most cases and in most industries his help is appreciated, loved and definitely needed. But in the horror movie poster industry? I think he's just being a bully. With that being said, it's time to remember some of those soldiers who have fallen to Photoshop's pandemic. Here are 25 of my favorite hand-painted horror movie posters. –Alex Pardee