LeBasse Projects opens 'Sky is the Limit,' an exhibition by Tomokazu Matsuyama in collaboration with Harbour City, Hong Kong. As part of a summer long program, Tomokazu Matsuyama will join the list of artists who have been invited to showcase their monumental works in Harbour City, Hong Kong, one of the largest business complexes in Asia. The list includes celebrated American artist KAWS, Japanese master Yayoi Kusama, Chinese artist Yue Minjun, as well as Dutch conceptual artist Florentijn Hofman.

For this exhibition curated by LeBasse Projects, Matsuyama has produced not only his largest outdoor sculpture - but the largest sculpture ever exhibited at Harbour City. Titled, 'Sky Is The Limit' and reaching 6.5 meter-high (21.5 feet), his stainless steel sculpture embodies Matsuyama's homage to the city of Hong Kong, where Eastern and Western cultures merge. The inspiration for Matsuyama's sculpture draws from various subjects in Art History, past and present, and high and low culture. Such subjects include the 19th century oil painting, "Napoleon Crossing The Alps," Hokusai's drawing of a samurai warrior riding a horse, American Playmobil toys as well as the Japanese manga, Yu–gi Oh!.

The sculpture is surrounded by Matsuyama's design for the entire Ocean Terminal, featuring an array of the artists' painting and pattern wrapping the walls, columns and stairs of the entrance to Harbour City. The monumental 'Sky is the Limit' sculpture will also be complimented by an exhibition of eight new canvas paintings and a smaller sculptural work located inside the Harbour City Gallery.

The overall installation will be a visual landmark, greeting the hundreds of thousands of daily visitors to Harbour City for the remainder of the summer.

Tomokazu Matsuyama, 'Sky is the Limit'
Ocean Terminal at Harbour City, Hong Kong
Through September 10th, 2014