Tom Sachs for VistaJet Flight Safety Video

May 15, 2013

I flew on Virgin America on Monday, and their airplane/flight safety video is one of the better ones in the industry if you think a bit of irony and humor is good with your "danger, your seat can't float ,you will drown" scenario you face with while they serve you white wine and diet coke on your way to San Francisco. Tom Sachs, one of the more innovative and interesting big wig artists of the moment, created a safety video for luxury private jet company, VistaJet. Who says stop-motion and Barbie doesn't equate to feeling safe? The piece was done in collaboration with filmmaker Van Neistat. Even though Sachs has not flown with VistaJet, he notes that he flys a lot, making him somewhat of an expert. The NYTimes posted the video yesterday, but now it seems to be down?