Todd "REAS" James' "Vandal's Bedroom" @ V1 Gallery, Copenhagen

October 10, 2012

As part of Todd James' newest exhibition at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, Free To Be You & Me, James recreated his now famed creation from MOCA's Art In the Streets and Street Market, the Vandal's Bedroom. Today, we take a closer look at the installation. Here is a look at the artwork in James' exhibition.

The second part of Free To Be You & Me is a recreation of the Vandal’s Bedroom – a large-scale instal- lation – that premiered at the Art In The Streets exhibition at the MOCA in Los Angeles. The changing installation, mimics a teenage graffiti vandals bedroom and working headquarter, with hundreds of rough sketches pinned roughly to the walls, pop culture references, slogans, appropriated cartoon characters and art supplies. The piece is an homage to the environment Todd James grew up with and in part informed his later practice.


All photography by Henrik Haven.




Todd James

Free To Be You & Me

Through 27, 2012

V1 Gallery

Copenhagen, Denmark