Todd James' "Swords & Sorcery" zine/installation launch @ The Newsstand, Brooklyn

Nov 23, 2013The Newsstand, Brooklyn

Something we are really excited about, and perfect timing with our Todd "REAS" James cover story in our December 2013 issue on newsstands now. If you follow James on Instagram, you have been seeing his really bugged out, cartoonish, psychedelic "Swords & Sorcery" drawings he has been doing, and now he will be having a ONE DAY zine/installation launch at The Newsstand in Brooklyn, at the Lorimer L/Metropolitan G subway stop from 3pm - 9pm, Saturday November 23rd. Be there. Go there.

From The Newsstand:

Native and proud new-yorker Todd James, will be installing our second one-day art show INSIDE the Newsstand, titled "Swords & Sorcery". James will be converting the Newsstand into a dreamy-psychedelic dungeon with wizards and sexy barbarians, skulls and mystical smoke, accompanying by cartoon screenings and some heavy metal music. 8-Ball produced a special edition of posters for the event. A catalogue of the show will also be available on the day. The artist will be bringing the last few copies of some old merchandise, so hurry before everything goes!