Things That Shine: Paintings by Jungwook Kim

May 14, 2015

"The silent state of the figures is derived from Jungwook Kim’s way of life. She records every moment of life with her head and mind, and opens herself up to all kinds of forms and methods of life. Like a contemplative and observant poet writing down a line implying thoughts and memories about life, living things, death and people, she delivers her feelings through repetitive brush strokes. She thinks and keeps thinking. She covers and keeps covering. She draws and keeps drawing. Like a short line of text can be visualized as all kinds of sensitive images and shapes in one’s head, Jungwook Kim’s work is like a sensitive gift comforting the viewers. She doesn’t have strong likes or dislikes towards the concepts that people tend to define as the opposites, such as beauty and ugliness, good and bad, bright and dark, happiness and anxiety, or comfort and wounds. Jungwook Kim attempts to understand ‘their natural state of being’ and spreads out that very moment of sympathy on paper. Likewise, Jungwook Kim’s unbound way of seeing represents another outlook on the world and gives us a certain shining moment." —Yunkyong Kim

Jungwook Kim is a Seoul-based artist. For more information, visit Gallery Skape.