The World's Narrowest House

September 27, 2012

Not only is the narrowest house in the world a thought worth exploring, it is being constructed now in Warsaw, Poland, in between the passageway of two buildings. Narrow doesn't even cut it. The space is 47 inches wide. Break that down, readers, and that is a major 3 feet, 11 inches of space you have to work with. Does Ikea make things for you? The home is called the Keret House, after author Etgar Keret. 

Via Laughing Squid: "The 150 square foot house includes a bed, desk, tiny kitchen, and shower. The water and septic systems are inspired by boat design and are self-contained. The house will serve as a retreat and workplace for Israeli writer Etgar Keret. When Keret is not using the house, visiting creatives and intellectuals will be invited to stay as part of a residency program. Keret House was designed by Jakub Szczesny of Polish design firm Centrala. The house is expected to open in mid October."