The Works of Samantha Wall

February 06, 2014

We just ran into the works of Samantha Wall this morning, a Korean born, Portland-based fine artist who creates portraits of distress. One of her series, Partially Severed (which is shown above), "uses the female body as a site of struggle between subjective narrative and representations of women in Asian horror cinema." Like we said, distress. (via)

"Emotions, drives, compulsions, desires-these internal forces determine how we position ourselves in the world and construct interpersonal bonds.These imperceptible experiences originate from within the unconscious mind and radiate through the strata of one's being. However, introspective Such emotions as shame, humiliation, and pride Provide Opportunities for self-reflection That Have the potential to expose internal These Mechanisms.Private encounters Within the self are revealed Within These moments of hyper awareness. My drawings are a result of mining my own experiences and emotional states correlating to expose the internal Negotiations between my sense of self During These moments of acute visibility." - Samantha Wall