The Works of Richard Kilroy

January 07, 2013
Liverpool-born Richard Kilroy has always practised illustration from an early age. Mentored during his teenage years by acclaimed artist Dave White, Kilroy was encouraged to explore new ways of developing a signature style, and as a result his unique approach was honed in the years that followed. A growing affinity with fashion publications and aspects of the industry further influenced the direction of his work.

From the likes of legendary fashion photographers Herb Ritts, David Sims, Jean Paul Goude, Vincent Peters and Mert & Marcus, to illustrators George Stavrinos, Julie Verheoven, Richard Gray and Alphonse Mucha, his work has drawn great influence and inspiration.

With these influences in mind, Kilroy’s image-making abilities lie in the strength of simplicity and form, and range from abstract minimalist line drawings to detailed realism, typography and photography.