Nandan Ghiya's Deconstructive Art

December 10, 2013

With no formal training, Nandan Ghiya has put his own stamp on deconstructive art. Using a combination of photographs, paints, and other found items, the former fashion design student has been able to craft a series of interesting mixed media pieces which address the effects digital technology has on indigenous cultures and personal identities.

According to Nandan, “All individual or cultural value systems are defined by various physical factors ranging from ethnography, geography or economy. However, the advent of the digital has relocated everything on a virtual space. I grew up to a family of traditional art dealers in Jaipur, the 400 years old capital of Rajasthan. We had such old pictures hanging on our ancestral house walls. These were images of ancestors, gurus or political heroes. These had different associations for different people. Everyone connected with them at one level or another.”