The Works of LEAH TINARI

March 11, 2014

Leah Tinari is an artist based in New York, NY. Since graduating from RISD in 1999 Tinari has documented her life and friends through photos and paintings that capture the energy and exuberance of her surroundings. Her signature use of rich bright color and dynamic composition continues to captivate viewers with its contemporary content and references to the history of figurative painting. Using the world around her and the antics of her friends and family as her primary influences Tinari gives the viewer a glimpse of a life that is full of action and adventure along with moments of contemplation; reflected in her recent work featured in her 2013 show at Mixed Greens that focuses on objects related to her son, Mars. Tinari's work goes beyond pure visual exploration of the figure and objects in dynamic and arresting compositions; her real interest lies in the subjects themselves and the psychology of human interaction. She continues to make paintings and runs Fatta Cuckoo, a restaurant on the Lower East Side with her husband Marty Kirchoff.

Most images are from Tinari's show at Mixed Greens in 2013