The Works of Jason Graham

May 30, 2014

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Jason Graham works full time as a tattoo artist at Grizzly Tattoo. However, inbetween zapping people and enjoying delights the city has to offer, he hides away to paint and draw stunning compositions with eccentric juxtapositions (usually with Frasier on loop). Using solely India ink on watercolor paper, his pieces evoke a flash tattoo style utilizing bold black lines and integrating geometric patterns. His work has been shown in galleries around the United States, Europe, and Japan, as well as being recently featured in a book called 'The Tall Trees of Portland' produced by Hellion Gallery. Watch out in early 2015 at Antler Gallery in Portland where his work will be featured alongside his wife, Laura Graham (another amazing artist!)

Follow him on Instragram @a_light_so_dim