'I found that soft wax was a wonderful way to blend tones, it softens the work and has a vague quality about it. Start off by working with pencils, spill your tea over it, wait for it to dry then work into it with soft wax. Scratching into the wax creates highlights, which you will be able to see on some parts of the hair. Wax is really fun but so messy so be prepared, I would also suggest working with different colours, there is so much you can do with things you wouldn’t think have an artistic purpose, but they do. It’s important to experiment!

The point of using tea and wax was to give the drawing an aged effect. The drawing as a whole was stylised. I ignored details such as eyelashes and her hair. It was a quick burst and the goal was to make the key features as striking as possible. By contrast, areas like the hair are very whimsical and vague. Balancing out the simplistic lines with the more detailed areas was something I found difficult.'


Chris Silver is an 18 year old (right?!) artist in Glasgow