The Works of Brendan Donnelly

February 25, 2013

Perhaps you don't know of Brendan Donnelly, but the Southern California artist has found himself at the forefront of an emerging anti-art movement. Donnely, who’s best known for his illustration and graphic design work for apparel companies Stussy, Altamont, and Converse has branched out and begun to do work with some of the music worlds favorite indie darlings - The Vaccines, FIDLAR, and Grizzly Bear just to name a few.


Using Venice Beach, hand painted signs Rastafarians, San Francisco in the 60’S, head shops, and Mexican folk art. Donnelly’s illustrations are self-referential, carefully detailed expressions of the various corners of pop culture. His sardonic sense of humor is evocative of the internet culture he draws from. Many of his ideas spotlight a brazen, absurd style applied to people and things we see everyday.