The Work of Tomoko Kashiki

June 30, 2014

When Japanese artist Tomoko Kashiki stands in front of a new white panel, she has a clear vision of what beauty is for her. It "is a very fragile conviction, intrinsically linked to my feelings at any given moment - it changes and is transformed by my feelings." Tomoko holds a PhD in Painting from the Graduate School of Kyoto City University of Arts and has exhibited widely across Japan and in Europe. 

via Supersonic Electronic

Excerpt from The Guardian:

"A woman is my main motif. I carefully select all of the elements of a painting based on my private philosophy of beauty. This philosophy is about gesture, facial expression, pose, specific objects, background, location, situation, spacial composition, surface texture, line thickness, nexus of layers, degree of blurring. This means I select outward things with my personal subjective judgment." -Tomoko Kashiki