The Work of Rachel Znerold

September 04, 2013

Rachel Znerold is the most excellent high-kicker you will see in the Mission District of San Francisco. This Colorado native came to the city by the bay via New Zealand and Mexico, painting, teaching, sewing, and tap dancing her way in to the hearts and minds of the vibrant local art scene she now calls home. “I make art for you to meditate with and blow kisses to. I make art and it's winking at you right now and wants you to take it home with you.” Passionate about using art to build strong community and a culture of social activism, Znerold believes every day is a miracle. You can find out more about her paintings, performances and one-of-a-kind eco-fashion on her website. She has a show up at Secession Art and Design through September, and a performance art piece on October 12th as part of Yerba Buena Nite Out, in the SFMOMA New Media Outdoor Gallery. 

-Lalé Shafaghi