Drawings by Qiu Jie

August 21, 2015

Qiu Jie trained both in Chinese high-realism and European multi-media schools, also working professionally as a decorator and designer. His drawings are informed from a wide range of aesthetic influences and carry a sense of myth making, exotica, and expedition through mysterious terrains of the imagination.

Qiu Jie, the solitary artist who calls himself “the man who comes from other mountains” grew up in China before moving to Switzerland in 1989. As a child during the Cultural Revolution, he produced propaganda drawings for the local newspaper in a province near Shanghai. His intricate autobiographical work combines the realism of references to both the Chinese and Western cultures. Qiu is scarred by the political indoctrination that he underwent in China. However, he uses derision to counterbalance the revolutionary fiction in his art. Qiu Jie’s style could be described as ‘political pop’; his imagery confronts the history of Chinese society with that of contemporary Western popular culture. - Art Plural Gallery

Images courtesy Art Plural Gallery