The Work of Paul Davies

February 23, 2012

We have always been fascinated by architectural fine art, whether it be Evan Hecox' city paintings or even the way that Ian Francis has incorporated buildings into his dreamy paintings. Today, we were struck by the work of Australian artist Paul Davies, whose work is primarily concerned with modern architecture, and has been influenced by the likes of Jeffrey Smart and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Davies' says of his work, "For the past five years I have used my work to depict and consider other examples of modern architecture, and its open plan living ideal as a way of responding to the landscape that surrounds it. My decision to paint images of modern architecture over other styles of buildings was based on the egotistical and dominant nature of these structures. The painting style which I use is often bold and dramatic and attempts to enforce the architect’s original idea of “looking forward”. By applying layers of collaged images, including my own photographs, I piece together elements that aim to heighten the original subject and display it in a contemporary manner. Often the paintings appear nostalgic due to the subject and palate, however I try to represent these structures as they are found today: in various states of physical condition. The stencils also allow me to repeat images and create mirrors of the subject, for example the reflections in pools and rivers become a way of reconsidering the optimism under which the building was created."