The Work of Naomi Okubo

January 27, 2014

We came across these lovely paintings by Naomi Okubo this morning and can't wait to see what she has in store for the new year! 

Thank's Boooooom.

"I am interested in the relationship between oneself and others or society and a contradiction that happen among the relationships. Food, clothing and housing are basic for human living. Today, a lot of material flood in advanced countries such as Japan and the U.S. Although people do not need to concern about how they can get food and where they can find out housing, they focus on what they should wear in and how others see their appearance everyday. With the changes over time, people have generated a society that visual images like mass media and fashion are significant. It has caused many social issues. Especially, "fashion" is an important tool for transmitting the images. In recent my works, I focus the society through the fashion." –Naomi Okubo