The Work of Kyung Sunghyun

August 22, 2013

We are enjoying these paintings by Kyung Sunghyun today. The Seoul, South Korea based artist says the capturing of the shaky image reveals the subject’s true emotional and psychological state.

Via Abario Gallery's site:

Kyung Sunghyun’s work has a diverse and layered narrative. His work is created through various frameworks, with one of the main foundations being about ‘shakiness’. It’s as if the image is shaky due to an incorrect over exposure on a photograph. In fact, Kyung Sunghyun’s paintings reinvent the overexposed photographic image. However, his reinventions don’t speak specifically about the shakiness of the image, nor does he emphasize that shakiness. To Kyung, shakiness blurs the shape, at the same time revealing his subject’s true emotional and psychological state. At a closer look at his paintings, one finds that images of faces from different angles, such as frontal and side views, are superimposed upon one another. This expression exposes his desire to better reveal his subject in the portrait. In ancient Egyptian art, parts of the human body were depicted in combinations of the frontal and side views. This was the common artistic style of capturing the human body at the time.