The Work of Kurt Seligmann

April 22, 2013

This morning we take a look at the work of the Swiss-American Surrealist painter Kurt Seligmann. A native of Basel, Switzerland, Seligmann was known for his imagery of medieval troubadours and knights. While living in New York, the artist assembled a library of over a hundred volumes. He said, "Though my interest in magic can hardly be brought into immediate relationship with my work as a painter, there is something about magic which fascinates me. It is not in vain that we speak of magical arts. Magic philosophy teaches that the universe is one, that every phenomenon in the world of matter and of ideas obeys the one law which co-ordinates the All. Such doctrine sounds like a program for the painter: is it not his task to shape into a perfect unity within his canvas the variety of depicted forms? The presuppositions of high magic: 'All is contained in All,' and 'All is One...' (via 50watts)