The Work of David Marc Grant

September 09, 2013

David Marc Grant, a 3rd generation San Francisco native, is a very rare bird indeed. He paints candy colored dystopian landscapes. Growing up in the Fog City in the 80s, he was happily exposed to genres of utopian science fiction and fantasy, the kind that inspired cautionary tales of environmental disaster and extreme spectacle. A student of the wild school of dichotomies and of the prestigious San Francisco Art Institute, Grant’s humor and his history influence his interest in fictitious world building. “It doesn’t do me much good to make unpleasant looking work even if I think the future may not be very pleasant.” His advice for young artists? “First of all, you have to get out of your own way. Finally get involved in the local art scene. Go to openings. Go to school. Meet people with similar interests. That is the basis of community and that’s where support comes from.” 

–Lalé Shafaghi