The Wonderful Musical Animals Book and Prints on Kickstarter

August 08, 2013

LA based artist and longtime Juxtapoz friend, Damon Robinson, ("Praise the Lowered" and "Lucha Leisure" mask beanbag chairs) has surprised us yet again with his first "kids" book. The Wonderful Magical Superfantastical Musical Animals, is a graphically sophisticated and beautiful book for the kid in all of us. He deftly challenges our imagination with half animal, half instrument, Victorian style specimens and the music they would play.  You can get some beautiful hand pulled prints and of course the book, for supporting the project on kickstarter.

Robinson has also recently been the subject of a short documentary that showcases his printmaking, graphic design and musicality - all of which come from the underground art compound NOMAD he has built in North East LA. Produced and directed by Dan Gillan and Orange County Films, the short film focuses on his concept of the preservation of analog print processes and the value of balance in a highly digital environment. Oh and did we mention the film also happens to feature his original songs as the soundtrack...Check it out     nomadthefilm.com http://vimeo.com/67920280 http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/557325502/the-wonderful-musical-animals-book-and-prints