The White House Flickr Page

January 09, 2013

For those of you who want a more amiable and everyday view into the life our current President of the United States, there is a Flickr page that seems to be just the right spot. Obama has plenty of moments that are photogenic and lovable, many of which we have seen before, but the White House's flickr page is a place where this is perfectly collected and arranged to catalogue snapshots of his personal life as well as his moments at work that are not so explicitly pictured in most media outlets. From the lighthearted fun of swimming in Hawaii to visiting wounded warriors in Afghanistan, we see a whole plethora of Obama that lies on the perimeter of Presidential Addresses and fiscal cliffs. If you ever wondered whether the president was a real human being, this collection of photographs certainly affirms it. The more you scan the pages of this flickr photostream, the more you have to give in to the charm of his family life and his ability to fuse this with a strenuous work ethic. Politics aside, this refreshingly internal view into the daily happenings of the current presidential office is one that should arouse at least a slight bit of interest in all of us. www.flickr.com/people/whitehouse