The Weird Does Disney

September 17, 2012

Consisting of an eclectic roster of artists from various regions of Europe and beyond, The Weird, regularly organizes a majority of their members to collaborate on humorously themed productions.  Their newest effort is a play on Walt Disney, featuring numerous renditions of popular icons such as Daffy Duck, Whiney The Pooh, Goofy, Bambi, and more.  Members of the crew that contributed to the wall were Nychos, LowBros, Cone, Sumo, Vidam, Dexter, Rookie, Frau Isa, HrvBias, Look, and additional artists SUMO and Spike. The wall is located in the town of Differdange, Luxembourg.


jux_the_weird1 jux_the_weird2 jux_the_weird3 jux_the_weird4 jux_the_weird5 jux_the_weird6 jux_the_weird7 jux_the_weird8 jux_the_weird9 Via