Austrian artist Peter Kogler began his artistic journey "by adopting the tradition of conceptual and media art, and by developing his explorations at the intersection of different disciplines and media – performance, video, film, painting, computer art, sculpture, and architecture.

Kogler has been interested in new, innovative art practices, not only in the field of visual, but also in performative arts, sound and music. He continued his work by shifting the boundaries of artistic expression and developed a very impressive, emotionally and artistically convincing world, whose layered meanings open communication paths to the widest public. After several years of research at the beginning of his artistic career, in painting, performance, and experimental film, since 1984 Kogler has used computer technology. Heralding the future development of computer-generated art already in the 60s, in the spirit of that positivist-optimistic time, Michael Noll wrote: “The computer is an active medium the artist can interact with at a new level, liberated from many physical limitations of all former media. The artistic possibilities of this kind of creative medium as the artist’s helping device are truly exciting and challenging.” The creative possibilities of the computer as a medium that abolished physical limitations two decades later brought decisive impetuses also into Peter Kogler’s work and enabled him to create an extremely interesting and impressive oeuvre. In his numerous multimedia projects, executed in different media, the virtual has become the realm of the real and the boundaries of architecture acquired a new dimension."

via Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art