The Sketchbook Project 2014

February 19, 2014

On March 14th, The Sketchbook Project Mobile Library will take off on a tour across North America in a custom built bookmobile showcasing thousands of handmade sketchbooks. The interactive mobile exhibition space is much like a taco-truck, but will instead share handmade sketchbooks contributed from artists around the world while it stops at over 20 major cities spanning six months. Each book in the collection is catalogued and searchable by theme, medium, geographic location, and unique tags that each artist has created for their book.

The Sketchbook Project has acted as an outlet for artists to share their stories with the world, as every book tells a tale. From finding a cancer patient’s chronicle of their recovery, a marriage proposal between the bindings, or drawings made by distant friends, the Mobile Library has allowed for sketchbooks to evolve into a means of connecting with artists in a way you may otherwise never experience.

All of the Mobile Library stops are free and open to the public, and this year you can expect to see it at venues ranging from art galleries to major museums, colleges, universities, and local libraries. Amongst many wonderful locations, some of the hosts include the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, The Geffen Contemporary, The Seattle Public Library, and Virginia Commonwealth University. At each stop visitors are encouraged to sign up to participate so they can add a book of their own to the ever-growing collection.

About The Sketchbook Project

Since 2006, The Sketchbook Project has been a global, crowd-sourced art project and interactive, traveling exhibition of handmade books. Their permanent collection at Brooklyn Art Library holds home to over 30,000 sketchbooks from 135 countries.

The project invites participants from all walks of life to fill the pages of a blank sketchbook and send it back for inclusion in our one-of-a-kind library. Anyone, from anywhere in the world, can participate in the project.

The 2014 Tour

The Sketchbook Project Mobile Library will be visiting the following cities throughout 2014. Please check http://www.sketchbookproject.com/where for the most up-to-date information on where the Mobile Library is located.