The Political Works of Dignidad Rebelde

October 17, 2012


In his interview in the November 2012 Political Art issue of Juxtapoz, Ernesto Yerena Montejano introduced us to the work of two important political artists in the Bay Area. Ernesto tells us, “It is impossible to talk about contemporary political art without mentioning the talented and artistically prolific duo/couple by the name of Dignidad Rebelde. In English, it translates to Rebellious Dignity. DR consists of Melanie Cervantes and Jesus Barraza, who currently reside in the SF Bay Area and create political graphics in solidarity with struggles in local and global communities. They have created beautiful images that have been used by the indigenous peoples in Chiapas who are defending their rights to the land, as well as images in support of students in the struggle against the ethnic studies ban in Arizona. Both Melanie and Jesus are serigraph printers, which allows them to print their work in-house, and print protest posters at the drop of a dime.  Most of their imagery engages the viewer in a critical conversation, a very important aspect of touching on controversial issues such as immigration, indigenous rights, muxer rights (women’s rights), rights of Mother Earth, working class, etc.”


To learn more about Dignidad Rebelde please visit their website at: http://dignidadrebelde.com/


**Both artists’ names are misspelled in the November issue of Juxtapoz and we apologize for the error.

Forward Together by Melanie Cervantes