The Necessary Work Of Jake Scharbach

May 23, 2014

Jake Scharbach grew up in the woods of Washington State without electricity. With his sister, they passed their time creating, making and enjoying art, so it’s no wonder he grew up to be as prolific as he is.

“I always drew. Later I got into copying books and album covers. Then I began my first life drawing classes when I was 16 and was shocked that naked people were going to be in the room with me. The deal was pretty much sealed.”

With pencils, watercolors, oils or large format photos, Scharback keeps himself busy after his day job (as a scenic artist on film and TV sets). Since getting his his B.F.A at Pacific Northwest College of Art in 2000, his work has been presented at Microscope Gallery, Family Business, the Fountain Art Fair, Marketplace Gallery, the ACE Film Festival, Chashama, and the Brooklyn Art Museum. Please check out his wonderful website and check back here for his new work.

~Lalé Shafaghi