The National Poster Retrospecticus

November 15, 2012
poster1 The National Poster Retrospecticus is a collection of hand printed event posters from artists, designers, and events around the country. This year, the tour is coming back--and bigger than ever, featuring over 300 posters from more than 75 artists travelling to seven cities--and hopefully more--across the US. We posted a scedule and some of last year's posters to whet your palette, so be sure to check 'em out (and maybe consider donating).


2013 Schedule:


Burlington, VT - April 3
Rochester, NY - April 6
Detroit, MI - April 10
Minneapolis, MN - April 13
St. Louis, MO - April 16
Richmond, VA - April 20 Boston, MA - May 3 "The show this year will feature over 300 posters from more 75 different artists, nearly doubling the size of last years show -- and will include work from such Amazing Artists as Daniel Danger, Aaron Draplin, Dan McCarthy, Aesthetic Apparatus and TONS more.


This is the first year of the tour and we have a lot of costs to cover to get the tour going, as we are hoping to make it an annual event and go to even more cities the next year (Hawaii? Alaska?? Deep South??? West Coast????). There are transportation costs, including the vehicle, gas, tolls, and building the travel cases to carry close to 10,000 posters (including the back stock), insurance on the posters, shipping, promotion, and cataloging the tour -- plus a lot more and it's adding up. We will need around $20,000 to make it happen, and have set our KickStarter goal as 15,000 to get us started. The more help we get from you -- the more successful the tour will be! After the tour wraps up our goal is only to recover our expenses and make no profit."


Posters by Daniel Danger, Modern Dog, Brian Butler, Dan Blakeslee, and The Decoder Ring