“The Moleskine Project II” @ Spoke Art, SF

December 20, 2012

(Alex R Kizhner)

Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco just opened the Moleskine Project #2, a group exhibition that features a spread page taken from the sketchbooks of more than 50 artists from around the world. It brings together a broader network of sketchbooks from renowned illustrators, concept artists, oil painters and more. Knowing how much our readers love Moleskine and process works, we HIGHLY recommend checking this out.


Many of the artists know each other through online communities formed over the past ten years, where sketchbooks were shared regularly in order to learn, grow and become inspired by one another. Motivated to dive deeper into our own sketchbooks, each page charted our own artistic journeys. Within the unified format of this collective sketchbook, a visual dialogue is exchanged from artist to artist, page to page, forming a colourful language of imagery, technique and ideas.


These pages often have an intimacy that strips bare the usual restrictions of polished work, drawing us even closer to the raw, personal realms of each artist. This show is a tribute to the power of sketchbooks to influence and inform others as well as ourselves, and offers fresh insight into a passionate and dedicated group of artists. – Rodrigo Luff


The Moleskine Project II is open through December 29 at Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco. More information here.

Casey Weldon


Jeremy Mann

Jessica Hess

So Youn Lee

Tran Nguyen