The Illustrations of Pablo de Pinho

January 29, 2013

Recently, we stumbled upon San Francisco based illustrator Pablo de Pinho. Working mainly with ink, bristol board, and watercolor. Pablo's Laugh and Draw series was inspired by old ragtime comics; Osamu Tezuka, Daniel Clowes and Os Gemeos. Pablo's work shows creative improvisation with visual story telling through figurative connection between characters. He keeps the cartoon tradition of adding surrealism to his drawings. Even though there's an aspect of chaos and disorder, his series follows a very basic formula. Also the images are not to be seen symbolically, there is a level of calligraphic detail to the lines, which makes it distinct from basic cartooning or illustration.


For his next art show, Pablo plans to collaborate with South Bay artist Telos. The duo show will consist of both or their illustrations, as well as photography.