"The Fragile Beasts" Paper Sculpture

January 30, 2014

17 undergraduate architecture students from Łódź University of Technology designed and constructed the Fragile Beasts sculpture using digital modeling software and scripts to break down the forms into shapes suitable for curved folding. "Curved folding isn't just the aesthetic, it's also the structure: it can lend substantial stiffness to fairly flimsy material."

via dezeen:

The sculpture was designed using digital modelling software to determine the slender polyhedra forms, which were then subjected to scripts that broke them down into shapes suitable for curved folding.

Once the forms and net shapes of the irregular-sided polyhedra were determined, they were sent to a laser-cutting facility that transferred the design onto a series of flat cutout sheets in five hours.

The 0.5 millimetre paper was then folded and glued into shape by the students, who had no previous experience of curved folding.

"It never fails to amaze me how nicely this shape lends itself to fabrication and quick assembly," said Chandra

It took just five hours for the students to fabricate the components and arrange them in two stacked clusters that reach a height of 1.9 metres.