The Celestial Spaces of Aya Kato

April 01, 2014

Currently located in Seto-shi, Aichi, Japan, artist Aya Kato's works present a fantastical world of divine palaces set in lustrous skies, dripping with rich, glowing colors and filled with spectacular creatures and flowing landscapes. Her luminous illustrations attempt to access the most mystical parts of the human imagination, not only to resonate with the eye but with the heart as well. Influenced by art nouveau artists such as Aubrey Beardsley, Kato's work is other-worldly in its presentation, and possess an unmistakably blissful sensibility.

"I wish my artwork helps awaken as many souls as possible that lie dormant in all human beings, and they remind themselves their histories, roots of souls, and true wishes. My dream world is where all become one with the Earth through their heart. It is possible to realize when we are united in our mind. Then I hope that the new Earth will be born in the new era where everyone will shine. As a Japanese living today, I would like to pass on the Japanese Bushido spirit to the Japanese in the future. These are my thoughts expressed in my artwork. And I would like to share the dream that the Earth is dreaming. Accepting the passion within, imagining it relates to someone, I would like to send out this passion to the universe along with the joy and love of being alive. This is my prayer. And it forms the base of all my artworks." -Aya Kato in the April, 2009 issue of Juxtapoz Magazine