The Art of Tomer Hanuka

September 12, 2012

You know how sometimes you think that you have tried to imagine EVERY color combination available? Well, looking at any illustration from Tomer Hanuka will prove to you in a heartbeat that you surely have NOT.


You know how sometimes you're sketching a figurative piece and you hesitate to draw the figures in almost impossible poses because you're afraid that they might look wrong or that no viewer will see the drawing as "believable"? Well, once again, Tomer Hanuka proves time and time again that you can make the human form BEAUTIFUL, RELATABLE, and ORIGINAL no matter how you pose them.


You know how you sketch a couple of ideas and then just kinda accept that the composition is ok and you'll make the best of it? Looking over Tomer's blog (http://www.tropicaltoxic.blogspot.com/ ) will show you that exploring TONS of compositions before choosing one for a drawing will make that final drawing cooler than anything else before it.


Tomer Hanuka is one of my favorite illustrators for all 3 of these reasons and more. He is the epitome of something that I say a lot: "I wish I made that".


–Alex Pardee


Tomer Hanuka's website