San Francisco's Ted Vasin, the Russian-born artist known for his meticulously drawn, dark psychedelic works, heads back to Miami April 14 with his Poison Bliss exhibition at 101/Exhibit Gallery—a just-completed collection he began in 2009.


Realistic while beautifully unsettling, Vasin’s work evokes the isolation of a dark, drug-induced hallucination among frequently paired drawings of detailed environments with complimentary hues and metallic paints.


Vasin continues his use of large-scale canvases to incorporate twisted iconography, hallucinations, and an uncomfortably skewed vantage point through illustration. Poison Bliss exposes the isolation of a man hypnotized by the psychedelic body invasion and the world around him, and his violent reaction to the perceived threat.


Ted Vasin’s work has has exhibited shows at the Limm Art Gallery, De Young Art Center, artMRKT Hamptons, Sotheby’s Tel Aviv, Stanford Art Spaces and more. For more information, visit