The Art of Scott Campbell

September 18, 2012

Scott Campbell has a heart. Sometimes it's a bloody heart that is somehow smiling while being held by Mola Ram, sometimes it's a heart in the form of robot, and sometimes it's his own heart, which he loosely splashes over hundreds of watercolor paintings that all have a heart of their own. I don't know how to describe Scott C's paintings because each one of them, no matter how dark, how dramatic, how tongue-in-cheek, or how heartfelt they are, leaves me with the SAME emotion, which is a fucking huge SMILE.


It's apparent that Scott C loves every aspect of pop-culture. Not only was his impressive early career based around it (he has been involved in Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions, one of the most creative video game companies around, for years), but his new exhibition and art book contain such an onslaught of smart and quirky pop-culture references and memories that 9 seasons of Family Guy would be jealous. Everything from Gummo to Banksy to Lord of the Rings. His new book, called "GREAT SHOWDOWNS", contains hundreds of famous icons from movies, TV, and video games facing off against each other in what I call Scott's "so fucking good" style of watercolor paintings, and will officially be released on October 30.


But if you are around Los Angeles next weekend, September 21, you can catch Scott C showcasing about 200 original paintings from the "Great Showdowns" book at Gallery 1988 on Melrose in LA.


For more info and more cuteness from Scott C, check out his site


–Alex Pardee