Lora Zombie is a young self-taught painter from Russia who has amassed a massive following of fans online over the past few years. Now she is breaking into the gallery scene and is branching far outside her native Russia with her unique blend of street art and grunge influence.


Since making a name for herself with her trademark “grunge art” painting style, Lora Zombie has exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and her native Russia - bringing in the interest of notable collectors and fans worldwide. Her raw, self-taught, trademark style is already unmistakable in the urban art scene. A unique commentary on pop culture and keen eye for beauty prove that Lora sees things differently than the rest of us.



On Nov 8 at Eyes On Walls gallery in NYC, Lora will be having a ONE-NIGHT-ONLY showcase of her new work. Don't miss it. Here is a preview of the event.




Lora Zombie // Blue Bird Lobotomy // SoHo NYC // 11.8.2012 from Eyes On Walls on Vimeo.