I'm pretty sure the words "Johnny Ryan" mean "Fuck You" in Elvish or Klingon. That being said, a lot of people nowadays are scared to say "Johnny Ryan" to anyone, even half-assed quasi-celebrities that probably could use a good "Johnny Ryan",  because they're afraid of losing followers, or offending someone, or not being accused of "hatin on shit".


Lucky for us, Johnny Ryan doesn't give a Russell Brand about pissing anyone off. Through years of writing and illustrating "Angry Youth Comix", "Becky Yuckerella", "Prison Pit", cartoon strips for Vice Magazine, and amassing a huge cult following based solely around brilliantly conveyed hemorrhoid jokes, hitler bashing, and "shit-fucking-shit", Johnny Ryan will continue to say "Johnny Ryan" to all of us as he releases "PRISON PIT #4" this November through Fantagraphic Books.

And if you don't read it, or haven't read the first 3 issues.....FUCK YOU.


for more info, go to, I mean Johnny's site.


–Alex Pardee